It's like Tinder but you have to BUST the murderer. 

"In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups. The police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who kill the offenders. These are their stories" (Cit.) 

Analyze carefully every alibi of the suspects and find the killer... But if you cannot understand who the culprit is: KILL AND SACRIFICE one of them to get clues and ultimately bring JUSTICE!


Please do not kill too much in this game

Thanks for playing!


Made with <3  by Cyberpan

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NotMe! v0.2 26 MB


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oh nvm

pls how o you click

"the culprit is an male for sure" ok that makes it easy *kills male* "the culprit is an alien for sure" WAT


This game is hard and fun

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how many meme culture references you put in there?


Really fun. Not to nitpick, but its 'A hint', not 'an hint' :)


Good idea!


Love it! Concept is hilarious.


I got the evidences "The cultprit wears glasses" and "The culprit is not male" when all remaining choices were men without glasses.  I'd killed the woman with glasses to get the second evidence.


yeah same lol I think that round is broken


You can also get the evidence, "The evidence is compromised!"


great concept, could be improved easily with more in depth profiles that make it more of a deduction game rather than a guessing/luck game :)


DUN DUN ! awesome game haha 


This game was great! Wished it was longer. The mechanics is perfect and trying to solve who dun-it was fun.Reminds me of a guess who but one is a murderer. Check out our video in which my partner and I played it together. 

Is it bad that almost all my wins were with 1 heart left? ;)


I enjoyed the game but I wish there was a little backstory to the crime and then their “alibi” as opposed to just guessing whether to kill or save them. Cool game concept tho 😀



Fun idea but i got annoyed. I wish there's some info about the victim or how he died. It was mostly guessing and killing innocent people.

I had to start over 2 times and then i closed it.


It's a great experience, I just play few minutes and I have a lot of fun, but I think, the game needs more languages

Fun little experience <3

This was the highlight of our let's play for sure! 5/5


Very fun game, but how am I supposed to know who the culprit is? Should I just sacrifice innocents to get hints?

ayyy i won- also i loved the references/jokes


i dont get a description so how am i supposed to guess the culprit???

Is the version played on this page the full version? If so, it's waaay too short and once you have figured out who it is, you can breeze back to where you lost.

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browser game stops working im going to download to play it thanks! DOH! Android only? ok ill bust out my bluestacks for this one!

Oh :( so sorry to hear that! It seems to work fine to me, I'll add a downloadable zip to play it in your browser. Hope you had fun though!


Really enjoyed playing this, had that 'Reigns' feel. Could've done with a few more descriptions but as a base game, very well done. 

Hey man! Really enjoyed your stuff and thanks for your feedback! A new version of the game is coming, stay tuned!

Awesome! Look forward to it!

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This game was really interesting!! Good art and sound design are perfect!!


I enjoyed dispensing justice in this manner! I dig the Tinder mechanics.  Killed one or two innocents along the way, but they were acceptable casualities. Thanks for such a fun experience!


Thank you for having played our game! :D


Game looks super neat!! Loved playing it (also that quote is bomb)!!  Unrelated note but, was this inspired from Devolver Digital's Reigns game? owo

Thanks and yes, Reigns has been one of our sources of inspirations!  :)


wow it looks amazing!

can I ask what engine/tutorial that you've using/learned?


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Hi :)
We used Unity Engine 2018.2.x, a lot of coffee and Discord.