The rules are pretty simple: 

  • Become the #1 god in trending and make as many followers as possible. 
  •  Spend FAITH to accomplish your followers' requests.

  •  Keep the HOPE high and maintain a low profile.

Plus, if you liked the game, post a screenshot in the section comments below.

On your smartphone, a special OS grants you the power of a god for some minutes, through a well known UI. Help people, increase your followers. Keep their hopes alive and be careful: your worshippers might take their reverence way too far.

The idea behind this game was based on the Ludum Dare 46 theme which was "Keep it Alive".

Our two main references where Noragami, a Japanese manga, and a comment of Pope Francis:

  • Noragami's story revolves around a god has to accomplish requests from people to gain followers, preventing him to be forgotten and disappear forever. This source of inspiration constitutes the basic concept of the game: by helping people, you create the idea of an helpful guardian. By raising followers, you keep it alive.
  • On February 7th, 2020, Pope Francis, during an interview, said that "God does not have a magic wand and it is not a superhero". We are not religious people at all, but we were getting confused by a statement that seemed to contradict the idea of god itself - Catholic or not. Can a god be considered a divine being if not omnipotent? We further expanded that analysis and got to a conclusion, which is maybe not what the Pope considered at all, but it is our interpretation of his declaration: In our opinion, if a god really existed, it could be omnipotent but cannot shape our reality to help humanity: humans themselves would start depending on it and suppress their own free will.
  • We could also add that we were inspired by a Futurama episode in which Bender Rodriguez became a living god for a while, but that's an extra.

StatusIn development
Rated 3.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Casual, Funny, god-simulator, html5, Ludum Dare 46, Management
Average sessionA few minutes

Development log


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i loveeeeeeeeeeeee it


Nice game, the creepy instagram pictures were the best! I might play again just to see my worshippers killing themselves for fun ahah Ranked #4 and I'm pretty satisfied.


Really loved the humor! At first it is quite difficult (ranked 6th in my first game) but once you get hope has to be "high" and visibility "low", you can really start climbing up the ranking! I personally loved how you elaborated the "Keep it alive" theme. Great job! :)


Hey neat concept! :) I had a lot of fun beating influencers. I ranked 2nd and some requests were hilarious, but I found instagram notifications a bit annoying.